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    "Thanks so much for your help with everything.  My advisor thinks I'm a genius thanks to you!"

    - L.M., Ph.D., Education

    "I can't express my gratitude for your help. I actually understand what I'm doing for the first time! You've really been a light in the 'storm'.  Thanks!"

    - DeAnn S., Ph.D., Counseling Psychology 

    "Jeremy made my dissertation possible. He provided me with easy to understand explanations to my problems, giving me confidence that I could work through the problem on my own with his help. It was so simple to get the help I needed and after a few email exchanges, I was well on my way to completing, and more importantly understanding, my results."

    - Hannah P., Psychology

    "Jeremy was not only knowledgeable but clear in his descriptions and I could follow his directions. My experience was great I think that Jeremy was extremely considerate of my timelines and requests.I enjoyed working with him and would contact him if I conducted additional research."

    - David. D., Ph.D., Education

    "Jeremy was very professional and very enjoyable to work with. He was always very responsive to emails and explained the statistical analysis in very clear and understandable terms. I am very grateful to Jeremy for assisting me with my statistical analysis. He prepared me well for my oral defense."

    - B.C., Ph.D., Education 

    "Jeremy is exceptionally gifted with statistical analysis. He is consistent and reliable in meeting deadlines. Jeremy has worked for me on a variety of research projects and I am am always impressed with his work. As I finish up my dissertation, Jeremy is making the entire process easier and more manageable with my busy schedule. I highly recommend Jeremy to anyone seeking assistance with their dissertation or research consultation."

    -Karen F., Nursing

    "Jeremy has a passion and genuine desire to help others better understand what he has already mastered. He is adept at explaining statistics in a way that is easy to understand. He is also incredibly patient and takes whatever time is necessary for you to fully understand. Jeremy has consistently been able to help me understand and appreciate the statistics I used for analysis."

    S.I., Psychology

    "I had the pleasure of working with Jeremy during an extremely stressful time of my life. I was working and traveling as well as finishing my dissertation. I truly believe that without Jeremy's professionalism and statistical expertise I would not have succeeded as I did with finishing my PhD."

    - Kristine P., Ph.D., Business Management  

    "Jeremy brings a nice balance of the strategic and tactical. An outstanding research analyst with sophisticated quantitative skills, he gets it done on time and on budget. Jeremy is a trustworthy and competent collaborator, and easy to work with."

    - Peter D., Ph.D., Psychology

    "Jeremy helped me to gain knowledge and confidence to ‘think’ and ‘speak’ in a statistically sound and defensible manner.  Jeremy was there when I needed his expertise and guidance the most.  I reserve for him my highest praise and appreciation."

    - Robert F., Ph.D., Business Management  

    Statistical Consulting | Dissertation Consulting

    Complete your analysis. Defend your dissertation. Move-on with your life.

    Statistical Consulting | Dissertation Consulting<br />Stats Stalling Your Dissertation?<br />Jump-Start Your Defense!<br />Request<br />A<br />FREE<br />Initial Consultation<br />TODAY!

    Dissertation Help Available At ANY Stage:

    Planning & Proposal Stage
    • Choose the appropriate analysis
    • Frame research questions and hypotheses
    • Review proposed methods & analytic techniques
    Analysis Stage
    • Choose and conduct your analysis
    • Troubleshoot problems with analyses in-progress
    • Help with interpreting results & reporting in APA format
    Drafting & Editing Stage
    • Format your results in APA style
    • Review/Edit your interpretation of results
    • Review and interpret committee feedback

    Frequently Asked Questions about Statistical Consulting

    Am I breaking the rules by hiring a consultant? Will I get in trouble?

    While we cannot speak on behalf of your specific school or committee, most institutions do not have rules against obtaining guidance from statistical consultants. If you are reading this, you are likely pursuing a graduate degree in a discipline other than statistics, so we believe it is paramount that you fully understand the rationale, results, and implications of your work, rather than every statistical nuance. Consultants are a resource used by many academics and researchers, and are even frequently included in the budgetary plan of grant proposals, so most advisors are open to their use. With all that said, your privacy is guaranteed (see privacy FAQ below).

    Will you write my results or other sections of my dissertation for me?

    No. WE ARE NOT A WRITING SERVICE. That is an ethical line that we are not interested in approaching. Our statistical consulting clients tend to be highly intelligent graduate students that have wonderful ideas, unquestionable integrity, and are simply seeking more individualized statistical guidance than is readily available at their institution. The vast majority of our clients would never seek a writing service, so we do not offer that service.

    Will my consultant notify or contact my university or committee at any time during my consulting process?

    No. Absolutely not. Your privacy is of top priority. Our discretion does not come from a belief that obtaining consultation is something that need be hidden, but rather because we believe that the decision to disclose your involvement with our consulting service is yours, and yours alone. As a consultant, I have never had contact with a clients' institution, nor will I for any reason going forward.

    Will hiring a statistical consultant leave me with results that I don't know how to defend in front of my committee?

    We are committed to guiding our dissertation clients through both the analytic and defense process, so our job isn't done until you feel confident to stand in-front of your committee and defend.

    Are services available exclusively to graduate students?

    Certainly not. Although doctoral candidates represent the majority of our clientele, services are also available, and have been provided, to research professionals and organizations also.

    Can you help me with my statistics homework?

    In our experience your teacher tends to be the best resource for questions about homework, though I think some students have found our discussion forum useful for answering basic questions about statistics.

    Can you guarantee that I will pass my dissertation defense?

    Unfortunately, no. Because the opinions and expectations of dissertation committees vary greatly, and because we can not influence aspects of a dissertation beyond the statistical analysis, we cannot guarantee passage/approval of your dissertation project. With that said, we are not aware of any client that has registered for our service and ultimately failed their defense, so we hope that this excellent record will continue. However, we can guarantee that we will be available to provide any guidance necessary to prepare you to confidently present, explain, and defend your dissertation results in-front of your committee.

    How does payment for consulting services work?

    Statistical consulting services are billed on an hourly basis, with all hourly work explicitly approved in-advance prior to completion, to avoid any surprisingly large bills or hidden costs. All payments are made securely and electronically through Paypal (using either your Paypal account or any major credit card). Hourly billing provides better control over cost for the client and ensures that you are only paying for exactly what you requested. For more information about method of service and cost, please request a free initial consultation and move one step to dissertation completion!

    Free Initial Consultation | Statistical Consulting